People want to know what is the name of this church. Religion is a big part of our lives in Africa which leads to many churches operating across the continent.

People want to know what is the name of this church

Each church has it’s own tradition, uniforms and ways of doing things. Most churches are popularly known by most people and others are not so popular.

This led to people on Twitter questioning the name of a particular church when they saw these pictures. The men appeared to be wearing short skirts and the women wearing long dresses. Most people were in awe at their attire and wondered if this church is real and why the men are dressed that way.

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Someone even wondered what their woman attire looks like if they are dressed like this now in summer. A couple of people came out and said they have seem them around Soweto and Queenstown. Judging from the pictures shown, the men appeared to be enjoying themselves and dancing in their skirts. Check out the pictures below and some more comments on this.

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