Slay Queen In Trouble After Leaking Millionaire’s Bath Routine Video It’s like a scene from a movie but it is real. A famous Mpumalanga slay queen known as Fay Nice in her circle has gone into hiding.

Slay Queen In Trouble After Leaking Millionaire’s Bath Routine Video

Trouble brewed when Fay Nice (real name Fathima Ndlovu) leaked the voodoo secret of her Nigerian born lover and blesser, Mr Jacob.

What was supposed to be a weekend of love and bonding between the two ended up being a weekend of Tom and Jerry as Mr Jacob desperately hunted for Fay Nice who had gone into hiding.


It is believed, and was seen in the now viral video that Mr Jacob owns a huge snake. In the video, Mr Jacob can be seen bathing with the snake. From our understanding, the snake is an Anaconda.

After the video was posted online by Fathima, Mr Jacobs phone started receiving a lot of notifications from people who recognised him in the video.

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“My guy, I have a pet snake. Everyone knows it. I actually have three snakes. I have the licenses”, narrated Mr Jacob.
“What she did is making me seem like I use black magic. The Anaconda loves water that’s why i was bathing with it. Infact, I wasn’t even bathing. I was bathing it”, he defended himself.

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Asked why he was looking for Fathima he said he wanted to teach her lesson on not jumping to conclusions.

Efforts to get comment from Fathima did not yield any results as her phone remained on voicemail.

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