List Of SA Celebrities That Are Allegedly The Very Rude To Their Fans. Celebrities one like role models to many people, mostly the young people of South Africa see themselves as them in their future, so meeting them or even chatting with them means a lot to some people.

List Of SA Celebrities That Are Allegedly The Very Rude To Their Fans

Some they like their work, the way they act, look and other people genuinely love them, so it is usual for a fan to ask to take a picture or even a hug when they see their favourite celebrities.

Unfortunately, not all celebrities are super loving and nice to fans, some celebrities are just want to see looked at from a distance like museum statues, i mean they just so perfect for an ordinary person to ask for just one picture or am Autograph from them.

Without wasting any time, let’s see this too good to hug a hug a fan at a mall celebrities:

Loot Love

Loot Love is said to be the meanest celebrity that you can come across, her reputation with people or fans is on the rocks as a result of her attitude towards people in public.

Vuyo Dabula

Vuyo Dabula who is Kumnkani on Generations the legacy is another celebrity that doesn’t give even a tiny love to his fans, but how is that possible?

The muscle man which every lady admires amd every guy want to be fit like him is rude?

Well, it is unfortunate to tell you that is true in every angle as the actor once told a fan to take a bath before asking for hugs.

He went on to say he doesn’t get paid for taking pictures with people, and that’s the reason he doesn’t do it off camera.

Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki Mazwai is like a renegade. She speaks what ever wants and doesn’t care about people’s feelings or anything.

She is known for attacking Men on Social media, taking on other celebrities like Trevor Noah for no apparent reason.

That’s been rude.


Euphonik is another type that’s is not shaken by what people think or say about him and his rudeness. I guess when you have money, you actually don’t care about anything else except money and your career.

Bonang Matheba

Bonang Matheba is another Celebrity that once showed her fans in a restaurant flames with the sweetest but yet rude talk to a fan.

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Someone by the name of Helena Sifa on Twitter said, they were at a restaurant with her sister, and they noticed Bonang Matheba was sitting close to them and they asked for a photo but she said, they must eat their sweet lunch.

“Eat your sweet lunch”, so they continued eating.

Some celebrities are just not cool and they deserve to be given Zero attention in public.

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